How do you get blue pansies in Animal Crossing?

How do you get blue pansies in Animal Crossing?

How do you get blue pansies in Animal Crossing?

Steps to breed Blue Pansies Gather two White Pansies. Plant them so they are next to each other. Water them with your Watering Can. Check for new flowers next day and repeat from step 3 if there are none.

What is the rarest flower color ACNH?

purple Back to simple flowers. Like with hyacinths, you can get every color of tulip relatively easily, but purple ones are the rarest. You can increase your chances of getting a purple tulip to 25% by breeding hybrids from a Mystery Tour island.

What are the rare flower colors in Animal Crossing?


  • Green x Red: Green (common), Red (rare), Purple (rare), Pink (very rare), Yellow (very rare)
  • Green x Yellow: Yellow (common), Purple (common), Red (very rare), Green (very rare)
  • Green x White: Yellow (rare), Red (rare), Purple (rare), Pink (very rare)
•17 Dec 2020

What do pansies symbolize?

Because its name means "thought", the pansy was chosen as a symbol of Freethought and has been used in the literature of the American Secular Union. ... The specific colors of the flower – purple, yellow, and white – are meant to symbolize memories, loving thoughts and souvenirs, respectively.

How many colors do Pansies come in?

Pansies are popular garden flowers that will look beautiful in both garden beds and containers. These round flowers produce colors from pink to white. Pansies belong to the Viola family and have 500 species.

How many flowers do you need for a 5 Star Island?

250+ fully bloomed flowers.

How do you get blue pansies in New Horizons?

How to Get Blue Pansies

  1. Purchase Seeds At Nook's Cranny. Purchase a bundle of White Pansy Seeds at Nook's Cranny. These pansies may also grow on your island or in a mystery island! ...
  2. Plant White Pansy Seeds Diagonally. The best way to get a hybrid Blue Pansy is to plant the White Pansies diagonally across from each other.

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