What is the rarest turkey breed?

What is the rarest turkey breed?

What is the rarest turkey breed?

Auburn turkey The Auburn, also known as the Light Brown, is a breed of domestic turkey. A heritage turkey, the Auburn is one of the rarest varieties currently in existence. It has been referenced by name in written records since the 18th century, and is named after the light reddish-brown color of its plumage.

How much do blue slate turkeys sell for?

Blue Slate Turkeys
Item #Description1-5
BLTSUnsexed1-5 $13.31

What are blue slate turkeys good for?

They are raised mainly for meat production, and their meat flavor is excellent and produce a good sized carcass. The hens generally lay spotted cream or brown colored eggs. However, review full breed profile of the Slate turkey in the following chart.

Can blue slate turkeys breed naturally?

Blue Slate turkeys can be varying shades of blue and may have Black specks. ... The Blue Slate Turkeys are unique and attractive, they can also reproduce naturally.

What are the friendliest turkey breeds?

Our Jersey Buff (our first turkeys) are very friendly and beautiful. they were about 2 years old when we got them. lghter in color than the bourbons, but we got a bunch from porters this year. they are almost 10 weeks old, and the bourbons and buffs are so far the friendliest.

What is the most common breed of turkey?

Turkey breeds

  • The Broad Breasted White is the commercial turkey of choice for large scale industrial turkey farms, and consequently is the most consumed variety of the bird. ...
  • The Broad Breasted Bronze is another commercially developed strain of table bird.

How long do blue slate turkeys live for?

The Blue Slate Turkey lifespan lasts an average of 5 to 9 years.

What does blue slate turkeys look like?

Appearance: Blue slate turkeys actually come in three color phases: blue with black specks on the feathers, solid black, and solid bluish gray. ... They have red to bluish-white wattles, heads, and throats, and they have horn-colored beaks, brown eyes, and black beards. Blue slate turkeys are medium-sized turkeys.

Can you eat a blue slate turkey?

American Poultry Association recognized Blue Slate turkey in 1874. ... Heritage Blue Slate turkeys' meat is flavorful, firm, and moist. One taste and you will never go back to a farm-raised bird again. A special treat for drumstick fans, the entire turkey meat is dark, even the breast meat.

Do blue slate turkeys make good pets?

Behavior / Temperament / Activity level: Blue slates, like all turkeys, are generally easy to tame but should always be handled with care. They will spend a majority of their time searching for food in the yard when they are given time to roam.

What kind of Turkey is a blue slate?

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys. They are commonly called blue slate, sometimes called a Splash, their phenotype is slate or ashy blue with specks of black scattered over the feathers. The Self Blue "aka Lavender" is also black based but have two dominant slate genes.(Genotype:BBDD), they are more of a solid, dull,...

Is the blue slate turkey on the watch list?

In 1874 they were recognized as a standard breed by the American Poultry Association. Even though these colorful birds have been around quite awhile, they are considered to be quite rare. In fact, these heritage turkeys are on the watch list of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, meaning they are globally endangered.

What kind of Turkey is black with slate genes?

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys. The Self Blue "aka Lavender" is also black based but have two dominant slate genes. (Genotype:BBDD), they are more of a solid, dull, grayish-blue with the hens a lighter bluish gray. The Black (Genotype:BBdd)is just that, black.

Are there any heritage turkeys in the UK?

At Heritage Turkeys we keep all the UK recognised varieties of heritage turkey and these are: Blue, British White, Bourbon Red, Bronze, Buff, Harvey Spotted, Narragansett, Norfolk Black, Crollwitzer/Pied, and Slate. It is sad to confirm that all the heritage varieties of turkey in the UK are on the Rare Breed Survival Trust Watchlist.

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