Are Blue Slate turkeys aggressive?

Are Blue Slate turkeys aggressive?

Are Blue Slate turkeys aggressive?

Slate turkeys are relatively well known for their docile temperaments. Males can be somewhat territorial and aggressive but are generally agreeable. Selective breeding only even-tempered birds can go a long way in ensuring you have well-behaved turkeys.

Are Blue Slate turkeys friendly?

The Blue Slate Turkey as a Pet It is easy to raise. It looks good. It is a friendly bird.

How long do Blue Slate turkeys live for?

The Blue Slate Turkey lifespan lasts an average of 5 to 9 years.

How big do Blue Slate turkeys get?

The Blue Slate is a rare, Heritage breed fowl and a very old breed — recognized as a standard breed in the U.S. in 1874. These beautiful birds are medium-sized. Young toms will average 23 lbs., and young hens will average 14 lbs.

What color is blue slate?

Slate blue, like all of the other slate colors, has a slight tone of gray to it. This color is often called blue-gray, or can also been known to be called “livid.” Slate blue is named after the attributes of the metamorphic rock named slate.

What is a silver slate turkey?

The Silver Slate Turkey is a rare, specialist breed which is reared on RSPCA assured farms in the beautiful East Anglian countryside and boasts a rich, tender and succulent flavour.

How much is a blue slate turkey worth?

Our Price: $149.99 Blue Slate turkeys are listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and meet the definition of a heritage turkey breed.

Why do turkeys heads turn blue?

When a male turkey is excited, his head will turn blue. When he is feeling stressed, his head will turn bright red. The color shifts and changes many times throughout the day as he feels various levels of stress and relaxation.

What is the friendliest breed of turkey?

Our Jersey Buff (our first turkeys) are very friendly and beautiful. they were about 2 years old when we got them. lghter in color than the bourbons, but we got a bunch from porters this year. they are almost 10 weeks old, and the bourbons and buffs are so far the friendliest.

What are the colors of a blue slate turkey?

Like the Blue Andalusian, the blue gene can produce several colors: solid black, solid blue and blue flecked with black spots. Often Blue Slates are a combination of these colors.

What is the phenotype of a slate turkey?

Slate: (Slate, Blue Slate and Splash): is black based with a single dominant slate gene. (Genotype: BBDd), their phenotype is slate or ashy blue with specks of black 'spackles' scattered over the feathers. Blue: (Blue, Self Blue and Lavender): is black based but has two dominant slate genes.

Is there such a thing as a slate turkey?

Turkeys of the Slate breed may actually be any number of shades between pure black and white, but only ash-gray birds are eligible for showing under the directive of the American Poultry Association’s ‘’Standard of Perfection’’, into which they admitted as a variety in 1874.

What kind of Turkey is lighter in color?

The Blue Slate or just Slate turkey is named for the coloring of the feathers. They can have black flecks on the feathers, but otherwise Slate turkeys are solid colored. Hens will be lighter in color than toms.

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