Is African violet safe for kids?

Is African violet safe for kids?

Is African violet safe for kids?

The best child-safe flowering plant Pascoe, Pisegna, and Ben Team who is an arborist and environmental educator had the African violet on their lists. The blooms are edible and according to Pascoe it's an obvious pick.

Are violets toxic to humans?

Violet is not a poisonous plant and its possible toxicity is mainly due to improper use or in higher doses than recommended. It is considered a safe plant in general. Its possible adverse effects may be due mainly to the high content of saponins of the root.

How do you identify edible violets?

Violets have heart-shaped leaves, which are available throughout the growing season. The leaf edges are scalloped or saw-toothed. Some leaves are "shorter, fatter and rounder" hearts, and some are long and lean like this one above. If you look at the leaves of the yellow violet, the scalloping is very shallow.

Are the violets in my yard edible?

Most wild foods authors report that the blue and white flowered species of violet are all edible, but not the yellow flowered species. ... But there's a good chance that you have common blue violets or the sweet violet growing in your area—both of which are good wild edibles and choice medicinals.

How big can an African violet get?

Recommended Varieties African violets are typically classified by size, based on how wide they grow: Miniature: less than 8 inches across. Standard: 8–16 inches across. Large: more than 16 inches across.

Is the African violet plant poisonous to dogs?

African violets will not harm your dog but beware of soil additives. Saintpaulia, or "African violet" is not listed on any of the databases of poisonous plants and shows on informal listings as being non-poisonous.

Is the African violet plant safe for kids?

While it has a whole roster of specific preferences for living and can be finicky, it regularly shows up on lists of nontoxic houseplants, safe for inquisitive children and pets. Curious kids are more likely to hurt this irresistibly cute plant than the other way around.

Is the violet plant edible or is it poisonous?

Violets actually have many look-alikes, many of which are inedible or poisonous, so only harvest them when the flowers are present and you are 100% sure that you have a violet. Please reference a reliable plant identification guide when gathering any wild edible or medicinal herb. You can use this book list for my personal recommendations.

Is the fuzz on an African violet harmful?

Many fuzz-covered plants are skin irritants, but African violet isn’t reported to cause rashes or other harm. In fact, classrooms often use African violets for hands-on demonstrations of plant propagation, since happy, vigorously growing plants produce offshoots that transplant easily.

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