Are blue switches better than Green?

Are blue switches better than Green?

Are blue switches better than Green?

Blue and red have a light spring while green and black have a heavy spring. So in the end it's what you prefer, that's why there's so many different switch. So the greens may be much better for someone, and worse for another compared to blue.

How long do blue switches last?

So the switches should last for about 2.8 years according to the Cherry specs. However my boards where failing after 7 months (which is about 10.5 million keystrokes at maximum).

Are brown or blue switches better?

The best switch ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you like the classic, clicky sound and feel, you'll love blue mechanical switches. If speed is a consideration, stick to linear (red) switches, and for a mix of both, go with brown.

What's the difference between brown and blue switches?

On paper, Brown switches are slightly quieter and easier to trigger than the Blue variety, but they sacrifice that additional level of user feedback afforded by Razer's choice. The MX Brown is still a tactile switch, however, so there's still a bit more resistance at the midpoint.

Is it OK to use a blue Switch?

The loud nature of clicky switches are the last thing you want to hear when your talking to friends or attempting to listen for footsteps. For that reason, you should stay away from all clicky switches, and not just blue switches. Most blue, green, white, and purple options should be avoided as they all actuate in a similar manner.

Is the Blue keyboard switch good for gaming?

Blue Switches Are Not Good For Gaming: Here’s Why. If your attraction to mechanical keyboards started with the loud, satisfying click noises, you wouldn’t be the first. Blue switches are a perfect option to scratch that itch. Unfortunately, blue switches don’t always make the best option for gamers, especially super-competitive ones.

Is it okay to use black switches for gaming?

But when playing Siege or KF2, it really doesn't matter 'cept for the fact I can hear Blues through my headphones. Yes, blues are just fine for gaming. Personally I like black switches for gaming, but that's my choice.

What's the difference between red and blue mechanical switches?

Clicky (blue) You'll notice that the red mechanical switches are smooth and have minimal resistance throughout the entire keypress, whereas brown and blue have a tactile "bump" on the way down that lets you know the key has been pressed enough. Blue switches also add a distinct "click" noise that you could compare to an old fashioned typewriter.

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