Is berry farming profitable?

Is berry farming profitable?

Is berry farming profitable?

How much profit can a berry picking farm make? There are a number of factors that affect your berry farm's profitability. ... The average berry farmer reports a loss for the first few years. After that, however, average profits are reported at between $1.3 million and $2.8 million.

How much money can you make picking blueberries?

"I've seen them make as high as $30 to $35 an hour picking blueberries." Some farm workers consider harvesting blueberries their favorite job. The average worker picks about 40 to 50 pounds an hour, but the top pickers can pick as much as 80 to 100 pounds per hour.

Are blueberries a good cash crop?

Blueberries as a cash crop. ... The United States Department of Agriculture says that a mature planting of blueberries can return as much as $3,000 per acre with correct marketing, management, and growing. Of course, the best choice for the small-farm grower with a good crop of blueberries is direct sales.

How many years does it take for a blueberry bush to produce fruit?

How long does it take a blueberry to grow big enough to produce fruit? It can take three to four years before they will produce fruit. Blueberries also produce better if they are cross-pollinated.

How much money can you make on an acre of blueberries?

How much can an acre of blueberries make a year? Once your blueberry bushes reach maturity they could produce from 5,000 to 20,000 pounds a year. If they all sold for $4.00 a pound this means that you could make anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000 an acre a year once they reach maturity.

Can a blueberry farm be a profitable venture?

As you can see a blueberry farm venture can be a very profitable and rewarding venture. However it will take time before it gets to that point. If you would like more information about how to start a blueberry farm please contact our office at (270) 432-5836. Or sign up for one of our blueberry classes.

How much does a pound of blueberry make?

If they all sold for $4.00 a pound this means that you could make anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000 an acre a year once they reach maturity. According to research done in 1994 by Robert E. Gough, Ph. D. the average blueberry farm brings in around 6,000 lbs an acre.(The Highbush Blueberry and It’s Management pg.

How to evaluate the profitability of blueberry production?

We will look at the flow of funds in the blueberry business to show both profitability and cash position (solvency). Table 1 shows capital investments, excluding land, by years for establishment and operation of the 100-acre blueberry planting. Purchase of most of the equipment, land preparation and planting occur in the first year.

Which is the best type of blueberry plant to grow?

Most blueberries used for home and commercial production are of the high-bush type because of the larger size of the fruit and the easier growth habits of the high-bush. Small farm growers should do a bit of study before they run to the catalog to order a few acres of blueberry plants.

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