What percentage of NH is forest?

What percentage of NH is forest?

What percentage of NH is forest?

81 percent Area of Forest Land New Hampshire is the second most forested state in the United States (trailing Maine). Forests occupy 81 percent, or 4.8 million acres.

What type of forest is in New Hampshire?

The common forest types in New Hampshire are white pine, northern hardwood, spruce-fir, red oak, hemlock, and aspen-birch. Climate, elevation, soil conditions, and land use history all play a role in determining which forest type is growing in a particular area.

Does New Hampshire have lumber?

Approximately 3.3 million tons of wood is harvested every year in New Hampshire (72 percent is low-grade wood for papermaking or energy – biomass). The forest products industry: Employs approximately 6,139 individuals. ... Total annual value of the forest products economy output = $1.39 billion.

How many trees are in New Hampshire?

How many trees are in New Hampshire? Forest land in New Hampshire contains approximately 927 million live trees that have a d.b.h. of at least 5 inches.

What is the most abundant forest type across the state of New Hampshire?

Hemlock Hardwood Pine Forest This forest type is the most common in New Hampshire and covers nearly 50% of the state and provides habitat for numerous wildlife species such as the cerulaean warbler, eastern pipistrelle, and bobcat.

Are the White Mountains open?

Current Conditions: Roads open: Rock Creek Road, McGee Creek, Sabrina Lake, South Lake, North Lake, Glacier Lodge Rd. (Big Pine Creek), White Mountain Rd to Patriarch Grove and White Mountain Peak Trailhead.

What dangerous animals live in NH?

Here are just a few of the things in New Hampshire that could cause your demise.

  • Moose. Andrea Williams/flickr. ...
  • Frostbite. Phil Dolby/flickr. ...
  • Mountain Lions. Lil Rose/flickr. ...
  • Deer. Carol Vinzent/flickr. ...
  • Mountain Washington. Tanyariga/flickr. ...
  • Thin Ice. Paul Downey/flickr. ...
  • Ticks. Karolina Kabat/flickr. ...
  • Your Heart. Dorte/flickr.
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Why are lumber prices so high 2020?

Wood products prices typically fluctuate more than most goods, because homebuilding can move up or down much faster than sawmill capacity can. ... Lumber and plywood prices are so high now because of the short-run dynamics of demand and supply. Wood demand shot up in the summer of pandemic.

Why are lumber prices so high 2021?

Demand for non-residential construction – particularly for the hospitality sector – has diminished, and the repair and remodel market (R&R) is very strong. This has contributed to the spike in lumber demand and high prices that the industry has seen since last summer.

How much land is privately owned in New Hampshire?

In fact, 68 percent of the state's estimated 4.8 million acres of forestland is owned by private individuals and families.

How much of the state of New Hampshire is forested?

Close to 85% of the state's 5.7 million acres is forested. Forested land in the state is owned by private businesses and corporations (11%); local, state, and federal governments (18%); and by individual landowners (71%). Did You Know? The first town forest in the United States was established in Newington, N.H. in 1710.

How to check fire danger in New Hampshire?

The State of New Hampshire sets a Fire Danger Level every day. This is to help make it safer for burning. Before you kindle a fire, you must have a burning permit and you must check the daily fire danger status located on the NHDFL website or by calling toll-free 866-643-4737.

How old are the trees in New Hampshire?

But the trees you see in forests today are probably not more than 100 years old. When the first settlers came to New Hampshire in the 1600s, over 90% of the state was forested. The settlers cleared the land for farms and towns and by the mid 1800s only 45% of the state was forested and most of that land was in the White Mountains.

When was the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests founded?

In New Hampshire, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (SPNHF) was established during the Conservation Movement. The SPNHF was started in 1901 by eight individuals who were concerned over clear-cutting in the White Mountains.

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