Are Bombas really worth the price?

Are Bombas really worth the price?

Are Bombas really worth the price?

That makes Bombas a sock-appropriate investment. You're getting the quality and lifespan of a few pairs of socks with a single purchase of a Bombas pair. A pretty sustainable buy if you ask me. All that considered, the price remains high for a sock.

Which brand of compression socks are best?

Here are the best compression socks: Best overall: CEP Progressive+ Compression Run Socks 2.0. Best on a budget: SB Sox Lite Compression Socks. Best circulation support: Sockwell Elevation Graduated Compression Socks. Best for post-workout: Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks.

What company makes the best socks?

We recommend these six best sock brands you probably have never heard of - United By Blue, Darn Touch, Little River Sock Mill, Swiftwick and Teko Socks and Almi Apparel. For athletes who want to pair their socks with improved biomechanics through firm arch support, add Tread Labs Pace insoles to your shoes.

How many hours a day should compression socks be worn?

Once they're on, the compression socks should lay smoothly against your skin and feel snug but not painful. Depending on your need, you can consider wearing them all day long (though you should take them off before bed), or just for a few hours at a time.

Who should not wear compression socks?

Before self-prescribing compression socks, Dr. Ichinose says they are not recommended for some patients. “If you have peripheral vascular disease affecting your lower extremities, you should not wear compression socks,” he says. “The pressure provided by compression socks may make ischemic disease worse.

How much does a pair of Bombas socks cost?

Though a pair of Bombas socks will set you back further than a standard multi-pack at Target will (ankle socks start at $12 ), they'll last you longer, feel better on your feet, and benefit another person in need with a similarly upgraded essential.

Where did the name Bombas socks come from?

Derived from the Latin word for bumblebee, Bombas is women’s, men’s, and kid’s sock manufacturer that donates a pair to the homeless community for every one purchased.

How long do Bombas running socks last for?

While this largely depends on how you use them (say, chillin’ on the couch v. long distancing running), the bottom line is that Bombas products are high-quality and built to last. Most reviewers report a one-to-three year window before you start to notice normal wear.

Why are my Bombas socks not working for me?

Thank you for reaching out, though we're so sorry to hear that your Bombas are not working for you! In our experience, if your socks are slipping down, it's usually an issue with sizing. Nevertheless, you are completely covered by our 100% Happiness Guarantee which includes free returns, exchanges, and replacements.

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