What happens if a cat eats a Boston fern?

What happens if a cat eats a Boston fern?

What happens if a cat eats a Boston fern?

If you happen to find your cat eating or spitting out Boston fern leaves, don't panic because like mentioned above, they are generally safe plants. If your cat ate a decent portion of the plant, it can cause some stomach irritation but the real damage is usually done to the plant instead of the cat.

Is Boston fern safe for children?

Also called Nephrolepis Exaltata, the Boston Fern is also child-friendly. As a hanging plant, these beauties will need indirect sunlight in an area that's high in humidity. ... If you'd rather your plant be hanging, you can always mist its gorgeous green leaves.

Are there any Boston ferns that are poisonous to cats?

Boston ferns are an attractive house plant that is widely popular because of its distinctive sword-like leaves. Also known as the Sword fern, they are very hardy, easy to care for, and make a great addition to any home. However, if you own a cat, you may be wondering if Boston ferns are poisonous to cats? No, Boston ferns are not poisonous to cats.

Why does my cat Keep Eating my Boston fern?

The wispy fronds of the Boston fern are often enticing toys to cats and kittens. If you find your plant damaged and your cat spitting up fern leaves, it likely only means that left on his own, your cat has eaten too much of a harmless plant.

How tall do Boston ferns grow in Florida?

Boston ferns are a non-toxic evergreen plant that grows up to 40-90 centimeters in height. This plant grows natively in humid forests and swamps throughout Florida, South America, Mexico, and Africa. Boston ferns have exported to other parts of the world as decorative indoor plants thanks to their ability to thrive indoors with little care.

Are there any plants that are poisonous to cats?

There are many different types of fern which are not toxic to cats. There are also plants which are referred to as ferns, even if they are not true ferns (i.e. those in the Polypodiopsida class). This is why we provide a full list of all ferns which are toxic to cats, even if they are not true ferns.

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