Are Blue Ribbon schools Really Better?

Are Blue Ribbon schools Really Better?

Are Blue Ribbon schools Really Better?

Since 1982 the federal government has recognized more than 4,000 exemplary schools through its Blue Ribbon Schools Program. ... We found that approximately a quarter of Blue Ribbon winners are indeed high achieving, scoring among the top 10 percent of schools after adjusting the scores for students' socioeconomic status.

How do you become a Blue Ribbon school?

Exemplary High Performing Schools. That the achievement of the school's students in the most recent year tested places the school in the top 15 percent in the nation in reading and mathematics as measured by a nationally normed test or in the top 15 percent of its state as measured by a state test.

How many Blue Ribbon schools are there each year?

30 California Schools U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos today recognized 30 California schools as National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2019. The recognition is based on a school's overall academic performance or progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups.

What is a blue ribbon study?

In the United States, a blue-ribbon committee (or panel or commission) is a group of exceptional people appointed to investigate, study or analyze a given question. ... A blue-ribbon committee is often appointed by a government body or executive to report on a matter of controversy.

Does National Blue Ribbon school mean anything?

According to the National Blue Ribbon website, "The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program honors public and private K-12 schools that are either academically superior in their state or that demonstrate dramatic gains in student achievement." Schools at all levels – elementary, middle and high schools – are eligible for ...

What is the highest award in elementary school?

the President's Award for Educational Excellence To receive the President's Award for Educational Excellence, students must be enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school, they must meet a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5.

What does the black awareness ribbon stand for?

mourning Black ribbons are used as general symbols for mourning, and you may see magnetic versions raising awareness for POW/MIA as an alternative to yellow. This color is used as a sign of mourning, but also represents melanoma awareness, sleep disorders, and gang prevention.

Why is it called blue ribbon?

The association comes from The Blue Riband, a prize awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by passenger liners and, prior to that from Cordon Bleu, which referred to the blue ribbon worn by the French knightly Order of the Holy Spirit. ...

What is the blue ribbon for?

The blue ribbon is internationally used to spread awareness of chronic fatigue syndrome. A blue ribbon is also the ribbon used for awareness for the autoimmune disease of Sjögren's syndrome. In Canada, it is the symbol of an anti-tobacco, anti–second hand smoke campaign.

What is the President's award in elementary school?

The President's Award for Educational Achievement - recognizes students who show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment to or intellectual development in their academic subjects - but do not meet the criteria for the President's Award for Educational Excellence.

What makes a school a Blue Ribbon School?

The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private elementary, middle, and high schools based on their overall academic excellence or their progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups.

What are the requirements for a national Blue Ribbon of distinction?

First, public schools must demonstrate Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for at least three consecutive years, including the year in which the school is nominated for the award. Second, at least one-third of all schools nominated must have a student body in which at least 40 percent of students are disadvantaged in some way.

How often can a school be nominated for a Blue Ribbon Award?

Both public and non-public schools are eligible for the National Blue Ribbon Schools award based on school performance. Schools may be nominated for the award only once within a five-year period.

Who are the winners of the Blue Ribbon Award?

The Blue Ribbon Award celebrates the idea that all students, regardless of background, ability or location, deserve an excellent education. The current winners are listed on the U.S. Department of Education website.

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