Where are boxelder trees native to?

Where are boxelder trees native to?

Where are boxelder trees native to?

eastern United States Box elder, also called ash-leaved maple, (Acer negundo), hardy and fast-growing tree, of the soapberry family (Sapindaceae), native to the central and eastern United States. Introduced to Europe, it is widely cultivated there as an ornamental. The tree grows to 9–15 m (30–50 feet) tall.

What are the cultivars of the boxelder tree?

There are several attractive cultivars of boxelder including "Aureo-Variegata", "Flamingo" and "Auratum". The cultivar Acer negundo "Aureo-Variegata" is noted for its leaves bordered in gold. Acer negundo "Flamingo' has variegated leaves with pink margins and is somewhat available at local nurseries.

What kind of trees live in Walworth County WI?

Wisconsin Native Trees and Shrubs Common Name Scientific Name Moisture Preferences Light Exposure Mature Height (feet) Notes Wildlife Yellow birch Betula alleghaniensis w,wm,m Full sun - Part sun 60 - 80 Useful in large spaces Game birds, moose,deer,beaver, squirrel River birch Betula nigra w, wm,m,dm,d Full sun 50 - 70 Golden-yellow

Where can I find white oak trees in Wisconsin?

The White Oak (Quercus alba) and its relative Burr Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) are native to Wisconsin. These trees can be seen growing in edge prairie areas in rural southeastern Wisconsin. Mature trees should be protected. They are slow growing and have a large spread.

What kind of trees are found in Wisconsin?

Pinus resinosa Aiton- Red Pine, Eastern Red Pine, Norway Pine, Pin Rouge Pinus strobus L.- Eastern White Pine, Northern White Pine, Northern Pine, Soft Pine, Weymouth Pine, Pin Blanc

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