Is buying an air purifier worth it?

Is buying an air purifier worth it?

Is buying an air purifier worth it?

An air purifier can only remove allergens while they're floating in the air. ... Because the health benefits from using air purifiers vary from person to person and depend on the types of pollutants in your home, it's ultimately your call if paying for—and running—an air purifier is worth it.

How often should I clean my air purifier?

The bad news is, you normally have to clean them about once every 2-4 weeks. The other bit of good news is that cleaning these filters is as easy as popping them out and cleaning them with either a vacuum attachment or a little warm water.

Is the air purifier a waste of money?

Perhaps somebody may have told you that air purifiers are a waste of money but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. Something that doesn’t work for one person might work for somebody else and as long as you are smart with your buying decisions, you won’t feel as if you’ve been ripped off.

How much does a home air purifier cost?

Most models that CR recommends cost more than $200, and up to $900. They can be expensive to operate, too, because they typically require filter replacements once or twice a year and should be run around the clock. (See our chart below for a breakdown of annual costs.)

Are there any air purifiers that really work?

There have been many advances in the technology of air purifiers over recent years. They’re effective in a home environment as they remove dust, toxins, pet hair and other substances. Air purifiers really work, leaving you free to breathe in clean air. The health of you and your family is vital and should be protected wherever possible.

Which is the worst air purifier on the market?

On the flip side, Kollontai observes that the worst air purifiers on our list struggle to clean the air on both low and high speeds, adding, “Oftentimes, poor performance in removing particles like smoke and dust is accompanied by a lot of noise, which can be bothersome in a living area.”

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