What are alder trees worth?

What are alder trees worth?

What are alder trees worth?

In the first half of 2018, the market value of red alder in the Washington coast market area has averaged around $720 per mbf (1,000 board feet). Compare that to Doug fir, which has averaged about $745 this year. Clearly the market has changed since the 1990's when alder was regularly worth less than $250/mbf.

What are alder trees used for?

What is Alder Wood Used For? Most of the higher grade lumber is used for furniture, cabinetry, and turned products. Alder is also used in doors, millwork, decorative woodwork, carvings, and edge-glued panels. Alder dries to an even honey tone and can be finished to resemble more expensive fine-grained species.

What is the lifespan of an alder tree?

Size, Longevity, and Form Mature red alder trees are typically 70 to 120 ft in height (130 ft maximum) and 10 to 34 in. in diameter (70 in. maximum). Red alder are mature at 60 to 70 years; they seldom survive beyond 100 years.

What type of tree is worth the most money?

African Black Ebony is the most valuable wood in the world. A large, old growth tree could be worth a million dollars, but the last of these was probably cut down more than 50 years ago.

How much is a truckload of logs worth?

High grade hardwood logs would be much higher. An average trailer load of softwood logs would be around $1,900. Hardwood pulp would be around a thousand....How much is a truckload of logs worth?
Species & ProductRecent Range
Hardwood Mat Logs$225.00 to $300.00 per MBF
Misc. Hardwood Pulpwood$8.00 to $20.00 per ton
2 more rows•09 Mar 2020

How much is a load of Douglas fir logs worth?

Douglas Fir - Long (26 - 40')
Low-Grade -3 + knots & 6-7"$250123
12"- 15" (HQ) 'A' 32'- 40'$750155
16"+ (HQ) 'A' 32' - 40'$750156
5 more rows

How much is a tree worth in Portland Oregon?

“Citywide, street trees add $1.1 billion to Portland’s property value, or $45 million a year. Annual maintenance costs of $4.6 million are a small fraction of the trees’ value and are mostly borne by property owners.”* Trees can provide necessary shade for houses, which creates a cooler interior environment.

How much did red oak trees sell for?

For someone selling fifty thousand board feet of Red Oak at $150.00 per thousand board feet, they would have received $7,500.00 for the trees. If the timber sold for $940.00 per thousand board feet, this would have brought the landowner $47,000.00.

How much is a tree on a house worth?

Considering the annual maintenance cost that cities spend on trees, understanding the economic value of these trees is important. In fact, this study found that the presence of trees along the street increased the sale prices of houses in east Portland neighborhoods by an average of $8,870 and reduced time on the market by an average of 1.7 days.

How much is a burl from a tree worth?

A burl doesn’t fall off a tree magically transformed into a lustrous bowl that will sell on Etsy for over a thousand dollars. It’s value is all in how it is used. So choose to take your mistakes – however minor or serious they might seem – assess them honestly, and don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by how gnarly they may appear on the outside.

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