Do Aldi candles explode?

Do Aldi candles explode?

Do Aldi candles explode?

Aldi shoppers have been given a warning against bargain Yankee Candle dupes that have been 'exploding' when lit. Customers have claimed the copycat versions of the popular scented candle brand have shattered while burning, leaving shards of glass and hot wax all over her living room.

Do Aldi candles smell good?

The Verdict: Aldi's Huntington Home 3-Wick Candles come in a variety of scents depending on the season. They smell good and burn for many hours, and they're cheaper than most competitors' candles. Highly recommended.

Are Aldi candles as good as Jo Malone?

With regards to the candles, John Davis at European Flavours & Fragrances, Aldi's fragrance house, explains, 'Not only do Aldi's premium candles equal the quality, strength and performance of high-end alternatives, they are significantly larger than their premium counterparts.

What are Aldi candles made of?

The 200g candle has an estimated burn time of 45 hours, while the smaller 60g one lasts for 18 hours. I'm pleased to see the candles are made from soy wax, which is created using soybean oil and is sustainable.

How long do Aldi candles burn for?

The candle is currently still on sale in Aldi stores for £3.99, offering candle lovers a “whopping 170 hours burn time.” The supermarket has called on shoppers to follow safety instructions provided when using the scented candle range.

Are Fake Yankee candles dangerous?

Candles from another batch of copied Jo Malone candles exploded when tested by Trading Standards. Counterfeit make-up, meanwhile, can contain banned ingredients such as lead, copper, mercury, arsenic or cadmium, which can lead to swelling, rashes and poisoning.

Why are Bath and Body Works candles bad?

Not just fragrance, but candles made from petroleum/paraffin emit toxic fumes into your home! ... Actually, lead core wicks were banned in 2003 so “lead free” on the label of any candle you find in a store is really just a marketing tactic. Some candles still have metal cores, so you want to look for “cotton wick”.

Are Bath and Body Works candles worth it?

These candles are great quality! Definitely worth the price, especially when you get them on sale. In my opinion these are the best candles on the market! I love the strength and variety of their scents and they burn for far longer than other candles I have bought.

Are Jo Malone candles worth it?

We do love some of their fragrances, however. ... However, the fragrances are still just as great as they've ever been. Without a doubt, Jo Malone candles are luxury candles. They are pricey, but some of their scents are to die for.

What is the nicest Jo Malone scent?


  • English Pear & Freesia. This is one of the first fragrances from Jo Malone and it is one of the reasons why many ladies around the world started using Jo Malone products. ...
  • Wild Bluebell. ...
  • Peony & Blush Suede. ...
  • Wood Sage & Sea Salt. ...
  • Nectarine Blossom & Honey. ...
  • Lime Basil & Mandarin.

Why did I buy a candle from Aldi?

Then, I bought a candle from ALDI because people tend to rave about how cheap (and amazing) they are. Though the selection is much more limited, I looked for similar scents, color, and overall appearance. In the end, I came home with the White Barn Linen & Lavender from Bath & Body Works and the Signature Huntington Home Cranberry Dahlia from ALDI.

How much does Aldi Huntington Home Candle cost?

Plus, every once in a while, Aldi will have a Bath & Body Works scent dupe, so not only do the candles look and burn the same, the smell the same, too! At a $3.99 price point, Huntington Home candles are the obvious choice, which is why new scents sell out quickly.

What's the difference between Aldi candle and Jo Malone candle?

Aldi launched its own version of the candle a few years ago and they come in a range of scents for £3.99 each. Compared to the Jo Malone version, Aldi’s candle is a tough competitor and the candle takes a long time to burn, which is rare for a candle so cheap.

How much are Aldi Bath and Body Works candles?

Aldi Candles AKA Huntington Home candles are Bath and Body Works quality candles without the price tag! Aldi Huntington Home candles are priced at $3.99 each and compare in size and quality to Bath & Body Works 3 wick candles. With Bath & Body Works candles retailing at $24.50, Aldi candles are quite the bargain!

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