What happens if a hunter of Artemis falls in love?

What happens if a hunter of Artemis falls in love?

What happens if a hunter of Artemis falls in love?

If a Hunter falls in love, Artemis will remove their "immortality" as falling in love would break their oath to Artemis. While they cannot die from natural causes (illnesses, age, etc.), they can be killed.

Can the Hunters of Artemis have girlfriends?

They have sworn to turn away from love and relationships completely. Their loyalty is to Artemis the moon goddess first and foremost and to their sisters in the Hunt. If they were NOT in the Hunt, then yes they can absolutely have girlfriends, but not when they joint the Hunt.

Can men join the Hunters of Artemis?

Artemis the moon goddess did have a band of followers in Ancient times—let it be nymphs, mortal women or demigods. She lets any and every young woman join her in the hunt—regardless of her parentage.

Are the Hunters of Artemis asexual?

Artemis is against love and sex of any sort. So, while you don't have to be asexual and aromantic, you will probably end up leaving the Hunters of Artemis if you're not. Only other option is to be a really dedicated celibate who is willing to swear off all sex and romance for all eternity.

What powers do hunters of Artemis have?


  • Eternal Youth: Hunters are immortal (can't die of illnesses, age, etc.) ...
  • Archery: They have excellent aim with their bow and arrows.
  • Enhanced Physical Prowess: They are naturally stronger and faster than a mortal, demigod, or nymph. ...
  • Zoolingualism: They can talk to wild animals.

Does Reyna kiss Percy?

Reyna threw her arms around Percy's neck, deepening the kiss. The both of them kissed passionately. Percy wrapped his arms around her, making their bodies pressed together.

How did Artemis Hunter die?

Many Hunters are lost in the battle, but if they had not joined in, the battle would have been lost. After the battle, Artemis convinced Hades to allow all the Hunters who died in the battle to pass to the realm of Elysium in the Underworld.

Does Artemis kill animals?

p. 1197.) In the character of sister of Apollo, Artemis is like her brother armed with a bow, quiver, and arrows, and sends plague and death among men and animals : she is a thea apollousa.

Who did Artemis marry?

FATHERZEUS King of the Gods, son of the Titanes Kronos and Rhea
MOTHERLETO Titanis of Motherhood, daughter of the Titanes Koios and Phoibe
HUSBANDNone, she was a virgin goddess
DIVINE CHILDRENNone, she was a virgin goddess
1 more row

Why is Artemis a virgin?

Being associated with chastity, Artemis at an early age asked her father Zeus to grant her eternal virginity. ... As with Orion, a giant and a great hunter, there are several legends which tell of his death, one involving Artemis. It is said that he tried to rape the virgin goddess, so killed him with her bow and arrows.

What happens to the hunters in Artemis the Hunter?

They are however sworn to be a Hunter forever and to be an eternal maiden. Because of this, many of the Hunters have a great hatred for males and dread even traveling with them. If a Hunter falls in love, Artemis will remove their immortality and may turn them into an animal, depending on her discretion.

How did Apollo and Artemis become close friends?

Soon, he and Artemis become close friends, so much so that Apollo fears his twin sister would be renouncing her oath of maidenhood. He inflicts insanity upon Orion, who starts hunting all animals he finds. This rouses the mother earth Gaea from her sleep and counters by sending a giant scorpion to kill Orion.

Who are the hunters of Artemis in Odysseus?

Odysseus' mother Anticleia was said to have been one of Artemis' hunters. Both groups are exclusively female. Both groups are founded, to a degree, by the girls' main idol, who are popular powerful beings, and carry their names in the title: Kyoshi and Artemis. Both have clothes and weaponry based off their founders.

Where does Zoe Nightshade go in the hunters of Artemis?

Zoë Nightshade says that the Hunters will set out immediately, but Artemis refuses, saying that the task is too dangerous for anyone but a goddess. She tells Zoë that the Hunters must go to Camp Half-Blood while she is away and that she will get a ride for them from her brother.

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