Is a dime a dozen a phrase?

Is a dime a dozen a phrase?

Is a dime a dozen a phrase?

The phrase a dime a dozen refers to something very plentiful, common, and therefore, inexpensive. A phrase that began as a way to tout good value for the money evolved into a phrase that means something nearly worthless by virtue of its commonness and easy availability. ...

Is dime a dozen an insult?

“Dime a dozen” origins Over time, the idiom evolved to mean the opposite. Instead of something being a good deal, it became a phrase to describe something that's not valuable and easily available.

What is the meaning of a dime a dozen idiom?

Let's take a closer look at the meaning of the phrase “a dime a dozen." This idiom means something is extremely common, inexpensive or available anywhere.

What's another way to say a dime a dozen?

What is another word for a dime a dozen?
20 more rows

What is the meaning of to beat around the bush?

to avoid giving a definite answer or position. Please stop beating around the bush and tell me the full story.

What is the opposite of a dime a dozen?

different. irregular. rare.

What does dime mean?

1a : a coin of the U.S. worth ¹/₁₀ dollar. b : a petty sum of money. 2 : a Canadian 10-cent piece. 3 slang : a packet containing 10 dollars worth of an illicit drug (such as marijuana)

What's the opposite of dime a dozen?

“The book is a good example of perspicacity, originality, and imagination, things which are so rare these days.”...What is the opposite of a dime a dozen?
extraordinaryout of the common
out of the ordinary
5 more rows

Can't cut the mustard idiom meaning?

To cut the mustard is “to reach or surpass the desired standard or performance” or more generally “to succeed, to have the ability to do something.” For instance, Beyoncé really cut the mustard in her new song.

What do you call someone who doesn't beat around the bush?

beat around the bushverb. To delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant. Please stop beating around the bush and tell me what the problem is! Synonyms: waffle, pussyfoot, prevaricate.

Where does the phrase dime a dozen come from?

dime a dozen, a Readily available, so cheap as to be without value. The dime being an American coin, declared the ten-cent piece by the Continental Congress in 1786 (the word comes from the French dime, for “tithe,” or one-tenth), this expression is obviously American in origin and probably owes its long life to alliterative appeal.

How many eggs are in a dime a dozen?

A dime a dozen Now, earlier I said that a dozen is 12 of anything. But with this expression, the dozen could mean a dozen of eggs. Usually eggs are sold in a small box, or container, by the dozen.

What's the difference between a dime and a dime?

very common and of no particular value. US informal. A dime is a small US coin worth ten cents which occurs in various US expressions as a metaphor for cheapness or smallness. 1998 New Scientist Of course, medical breakthroughs are not a dime a dozen.

Is it a dime a dozen or informed opinion?

While opinions are a dime a dozen, informed opinions are not ("Back to Basics," December 2012). Now, these threats come a dime a dozen to faithful politicians whose duty by their constitutional vow is to serve all Americans.

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