Should I use 4x4 or 6x6 posts?

Should I use 4x4 or 6x6 posts?

Should I use 4x4 or 6x6 posts?

Unfortunately, a 4×4 post may not be able to withstand the weight, causing the entire porch to buckle. A 6×6 post gives you a little more long-term stability, particularly in those colder climates. Not only does it perform better when carrying heavier loads, but it also makes the heading for your roof more secure.

How deep should a 6x6 fence post be?

The depth of the hole should be 1/3-1/2 the post height above ground (i.e., a 6-foot tall fence would require a hole depth of at least 2 feet). Add about 6 inches of QUIKRETE All-Purpose Gravel into the bottom of the hole.

What size is best for fence posts?

If dug in, we recommend 600mm in the ground, i.e. a 1.8m high panel would require a 2.4m post. There is a choice of post sizes available. 75mm x 75mm may be adequate for lower fences but for higher fences or exposed positions we would recommend 100mm x 100mm.

What is the strongest fence post?

DuraPost is stronger than both concrete and timber fence posts and is guaranteed to last up to 25 years. Made from galvanised steel, DuraPost doesn't rot, split, warp, crack or chip and can even withstand winds of up to 110mph!

How far can a 6x6 beam span?

What is the maximum span for a 6x6 beam? Each 6x6 beam only spans 12 feet, of which 2 of those feet are supported by a knee brace.

How much load can a 6x6 post take?

A 6x6 with 12' span can support 2000 lbs. if you assume a conservative 1400psi bending stress. If you do a good job bonding the two members together, your double 6x6 can support more than 4,000 lbs.

How long will a 6x6 post last in the ground?

The treated post that are rated for ground contact are guaranteed for 40 years.

How many bags of concrete do I need for a 6x6 post?

Most fence post holes will need between 1 - 4 bags of concrete to securely hold the post in place. The best way to determine the size of the hole is: Diameter of the hole is 3 times the width of the fence post. Depth of the hole is one-third to half the above ground height of the fence post.

What size post should I use for a 6 foot fence?

The depth of the post hole needs to be 1/3 to 1/2 the height of your fence. For example, if you are building a fence that's 6 feet tall, you will need a hole that is at least 2 feet deep. That also means that you'd need to use an 8-foot post. The hole will need to be about 3 times the width of your post.

How deep should a 7ft fence post be?

Lawsons experts recommend you should dig a hole which has a depth of 2 ft (24 in / 600mm) to ensure you have a stable timber or concrete fence post.

How big are the posts on a 6x6 fence?

The fence design is 6x6 posts at 8 foot spacing, with 2x8 stringers between to mount the slats, and a 2x4 top rail. Similar to this picture: The current posts look like 2x6x10', with about 3' set in a cement base than ends 4-6 inches below grade. I'm not real excited about having the posts set directly in the cement due to rot.

Which is better a 6x6 post or a 4x4 post?

A 6x6 post properly installed will outlast a 4x4 for many years. Perhaps 5 to 8 more. I live in a new development and our rear fence was included with the lot. They use 14 ft 6x6 7 ft into the ground with half a yard of 3/4 per hole. Tell your neighbor that and he'll explode. At least 4 out of 5 people building a fence here are using 6x6.

Why do wooden fence posts need to be concrete?

The main reason is the post length of choice for fence companies is often a 4″ x 4″ x 8′. As a result, the fence post is only two feet in the ground on a six-foot in height wood fence. Hence the use of concrete. What they do not realize is if it is the leverage that they desire, then all they need to do is purchase a longer post.

When to use a 6x6 deck post?

Most professionals will encourage you to consider going with a 6×6 deck post form the outset of the project. If the deck is going to be built near grade, contractors may feel comfortable opting for the smaller post sizes.

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