Should I feed my horse alfalfa cubes?

Should I feed my horse alfalfa cubes?

Should I feed my horse alfalfa cubes?

Alfalfa cubes can be used effectively as the sole source of roughage for all classes of horses. Because of the high nutrient values for energy, protein, calcium, and vitamins, alfalfa cubes are very effective in feeding programs for broodmares and young growing horses.

What is better for horses cubes or pellets?

Hay cubes can be soaked in lots of water to make them easier for older horses to chew. And extra water is always good! Hay cubes do provide some longer stems and are pretty consistent in nutritional value. ... For horses in good health, hay pellets are a way to supplement existing hay or make a good snack while traveling.

Are alfalfa pellets good for horses?

Alfalfa Pellets are a premium protein source of nutrition for animals needing maintenance to higher levels of digestible energy. Alfalfa is often the preferred forage for horses because of its high quality and good roughage value.

Should you soak alfalfa pellets?

For those that struggle to chew, Alfalfa Pellets can be fed soaked prior to feeding. To soak Alfalfa Pellets you can use hot or cold water. ... Pellets MUST be soaked before feeding, as they expand considerably when mixed with water. Shreds can be fed dry or soaked.

Are range cubes safe for horses?

All natural range cubes can be fed to horses, and this is actually a somewhat routine practice in certain areas. Primarily, make sure that range cubes do not contain cattle additives that could be harmful to horses.

Can a horse have too much alfalfa?

You shouldn't feed horses with liver or kidney problems high protein diets, including alfalfa. It's is also not a good idea to feed endurance horses too much alfalfa. Alfalfa provides high protein levels, and when this metabolizes, it creates heat, which isn't good for endurance horses.

Which is better for horses hay or alfalfa pellets?

Will alfalfa pellets put weight on a horse? Alfalfa is higher in calories and protein than grass hays, which makes it an excellent choice to help to add weight to a thin horse. If your horse tends to be wasteful with his hay, he may eat more when offered alfalfa hay cubes or pellets.

Is it OK for my horse to eat alfalfa cubes?

If allowed, horses eat more alfalfa cubes and pellets than is healthy. And pellets are concentrated alfalfa hay, which also increases the risk of colic. A horse will likely eat all the alfalfa cubes they have available, but when fed alfalfa hay, they are picky and often waste some.

Which is better for a horse, pellets or cubes?

Soak alfalfa pellets when feeding to older horses. Alfalfa pellets and cubes fed wet are good alternatives for horses with dental problems. Pellets are small and easy for older horses to consume once they have been softened.

What's the difference between pellets and alfalfa cubes?

But to clarify a few things first…Both Alfalfa cubes and pellets are roughage – fiber. Cubes – it is the ideal alternative to long-stem hay. You need to soak the cubes before you feed them to your horse – if you soak the cubes, they disintegrate into smaller pieces that your horse can easily consume and digest.

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