How much alfalfa cubes should a horse eat a day?

How much alfalfa cubes should a horse eat a day?

How much alfalfa cubes should a horse eat a day?

Alfalfa cubes are more appropriate either for lactating mares or growing horses and as a partial forage substitute. While up to 15 lbs or more can be fed per day, as little as 2 to 6 lbs of cubes per day can be used as a “hay extender” if only poor quality hay is available in limited quantities.

Are alfalfa pellets the same as alfalfa?

A: Nutrient-wise, alfalfa hay and alfalfa pellets are similar in content. The main difference between the two is the horse's chew time when eating them. A horse will consume alfalfa pellets much faster than baled alfalfa.

How long can alfalfa pellets soak?

The pellets can still be okay after 12 hours, if it's cold enough. However, my preference, when possible, whether hot or cold weather, is to feed them after 5 hours of soaking.

How many alfalfa pellets equal a flake?

As per a general assumption, one alfalfa cube is equal to one hay flake(even if it appears huge). The default weight of alfalfa cube and hay flake is around 5lbs but it can be more or less.

Which is better alfalfa pellets or hay cubes?

So, if you only fed them pellets, which are pulverized hay, they would not have to chew much. If you give them cubes, they will have to chew a little more because it has not been chopped up quite as small as the hay in the pellets, but it would still not require anywhere near as much chewing as hay, pasture, and browse do.

Which is better for a horse pellets or cubes?

And excess consumption of alfalfa cubes may result in an overweight horse. Plus, alfalfa cubes are expensive. Pellets – if soaked well beforehand, they turn mushier, making them easier to consume. And pellets don’t need to be soaked too long to become edible. Moreover, pellets make a good source of calories for the horse.

Can a horse eat alfalfa cubes and pellets?

Alfalfa cubes and pellets can cause colic. Two primary causes of colic in horses is overeating, and diets that include grains or concentrated foods. If allowed, horses eat more alfalfa cubes and pellets than is healthy. And pellets are concentrated alfalfa hay, which also increases the risk of colic.

Which is harder to eat pellets or cubes?

Cubes are made for horses and cattle, and because the hay has not been completely pulverized, it does require more chewing than pellets do. However, the cubes are too big and hard for goats and sheep to eat.

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