What companies use BPA-free cans?

What companies use BPA-free cans?

What companies use BPA-free cans?

Here's a list of national brands that produce canned foods that do not have BPA in the lining:

  • Amy's. According to a 2012 blog post on BPA and canned food, Amy's confirmed that it had transitioned out of BPA-lined cans. ...
  • Bionaturae. ...
  • Crown Prince Seafood. ...
  • Farmer's Market. ...
  • Muir Glen. ...
  • Westbrae Natural.

How do you know if a can is BPA-free?

You can pretty much assume that any opaque plastics are BPA-free. So, if you can't see through it, that's the first step in identifying BPA-free plastics in your home. For any plastics that fit the description of being hard, clear (or clear-tinted) and unbreakable, flip them over and look for a recycling number.

Do Coke cans have BPA?

BPA is found in the linings of most canned foods and most aluminum cans, including Coca-Cola products. Handling register receipts in stores is another common way people are exposed. Now, a new study suggests that even small doses of BPA can significantly increase blood pressure in adults.

Are there any Aldi products that do not contain BPA?

As an extra measure to provide our customers with the ability to make informed choices, we are also in the process of labeling all products that do not contain BPA with the following BPA-Free symbols: BPA-Free Packaging and Non-BPA Lining. You may also be happy to know that ALDI receipt paper is BPA-free.

Are there any canned foods that are BPA free?

But a call to TJ's customer relations reveals that canned corn, canned beans, canned fish, canned poultry, and canned beef at Trader Joe's are all packaged in BPA-free cans. However, any other products that contain corn or beans or fish, etc. and other items -- for example in soups or chilis -- are not in BPA free cans, the company said.

Who are the companies that use BPA free can liners?

Apart from Eden, Native Forest, and Trader Joe's, all of the other food manufacturers that have made the transition to BPA-free can liners are premium "sustainable" seafood producers.

When did they stop putting BPA in cans?

Still, even a decade ago most consumers were completely unaware what the compound was or that it is in so much of our plastic products, from baby bottles to steel cans' epoxy linings. Eden Organics switched to BPA free liners in April 1999 -- all of its bean and grain combos and chilis are also in cans with BPA free liners.

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