Can a right triangle have 3 equal sides?

Can a right triangle have 3 equal sides?

Can a right triangle have 3 equal sides?

Equilateral. An equilateral triangle has three equal sides and angles. It will always have angles of 60° in each corner.

How many sides are equal in a right angled triangle?

two equal sides Yes, a right triangle can have two equal sides. The longest side is called the hypotenuse and the other two sides may or may not be equal to each other. A right triangle that has two equal sides is called an isosceles right triangle.

Are angles opposite equal sides equal?

Angle C is the vertex angle. ... From this we learn that if two angles of a triangle are equal, the sides opposite them are also equal, and the triangle is an isosceles triangle. We also know the converse: if two sides of a triangle are equal, their opposite angles are equal, and the triangle is isosceles.

Is it possible to have a right triangle with all sides congruent?

No. A triangle with three congruent sides will be an equilateral triangle. An isosceles triangle has only 2 sides that are equal. The third side can be smaller than the other two, in which case it will be an acute isosceles triangle.

What do you call the longest side of a right triangle?

hypotenuse In a right triangle, the hypotenuse is the longest side, an "opposite" side is the one across from a given angle, and an "adjacent" side is next to a given angle.

What are the sides of a right triangle?

A right triangle has two shorter sides, or legs, and the longest side, opposite the right angle, which is always called the hypotenuse.

What is the opposite angles are equal?

Opposite Angles. Opposite angles are non-adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines. Opposite angles are congruent (equal in measure).

How do you prove equal sides?

6:508:09Equal angles opposite to equal sides in a triangle (Theorem and Proof ...YouTube

How can you prove right triangles?

Proof of Right Angle Triangle Theorem

  1. Theorem:In a triangle, if square of one side is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides, then the angle opposite the first side is a right angle.
  2. To prove: ∠B = 90°
  3. Proof: We have a Δ ABC in which AC2 = AB2 + BC2
  4. Also, read:
  5. c2 = a2 + b2
  6. c = √(a2 + b2)
  7. A = 1/2 b x h.

What are the side lengths of a 30 60 90?

30°-60°-90° Triangles The measures of the sides are x, x√3, and 2x. In a 30°−60°−90° triangle, the length of the hypotenuse is twice the length of the shorter leg, and the length of the longer leg is √3 times the length of the shorter leg.

Can a right angle triangle have all 3 sides equal?

So it proves that ALL the three sides of a right angle triangle can't be equal. A right angle triangle can have only two equal sides. It is never possible to have all the 3 sides equal.

Which is the correct equation for a right triangle?

In any right triangle, the area of the square whose side is the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares whose sides are the two legs (the two sides that meet at a right angle). This can be stated in equation form as.

What are the names of the three sides of a triangle?

A triangle has three sides and three angles The three angles always add to 180° Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene There are three special names given to triangles that tell how many sides (or angles) are equal.

Which is the longest side of a right angled triangle?

A right-angled triangle is a type of triangle that has one of its angles equal to 90 degrees. The other two angles sum up to 90 degrees. The sides that include the right angle are perpendicular and the base of the triangle. The third side is called the hypotenuse, which is the longest side of all three sides.

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