Is a turtle an amphibian yes or no?

Is a turtle an amphibian yes or no?

Is a turtle an amphibian yes or no?

What are amphibians and reptiles? Amphibians are frogs, toads, newts and salamanders. ... Reptiles are turtles, snakes, lizards, alligators and crocodiles. Unlike amphibians, reptiles breathe only through their lungs and have dry, scaly skin that prevents them from drying out.

Why would you call turtle a reptile but not an amphibian?

The fact that amphibians are totally dependent on water to reproduce proves that turtles are NOT amphibians. They have no such dependency on the water even if they spend their entire lives in the water. Even sea turtles have to go onto the land to lay their eggs.

Is a sea turtle a reptile or an amphibian?

Sea turtles are reptiles remarkably suited to life in the sea. Their hydrodynamic shape, large size, and powerful front flippers allow them to dive to great depths and swim long distances.

Are turtles mammals or amphibians?

Turtles are classified as amniotes, along with other reptiles, birds, and mammals. Like other amniotes, turtles breathe air and do not lay eggs underwater, although many species live in or around water.

Is a penguin a mammal?

Like other birds, penguins have feathers. ... Penguins are fish, mammals, or amphibians because they live in water, on land, or both. Penguins are birds, even though they spend time on land and in water. Their motion in the water more closely resembles flying than the swimming motion used by other animals.

Are turtles smart?

Turtles are by no means stupid. Researchers have found that turtles possess instinctual intelligence which contributes to their ability to survive in the wild by scavenging for food and being alert for predators.

What's the difference between a reptile and amphibian?

Reptiles have scales, and their skin is dry. Amphibians do not, and their skin is often moist with mucus, which keeps them from drying up.

Is a turtle a vertebrate?

turtles, snakes, lizards, and relatives Reptiles are vertebrates that have scales on at least some part of their body, leathery or hard-shelled eggs, and share a number of other features. Snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodilians, and birds are reptiles. ... Scales help prevent reptiles from losing water through their skin.

Do sea turtles breathe underwater?

Why do sea turtles come to the surface of water? Sea turtles cannot breathe underwater and need to come to the surface for air. They can hold their breath underwater for as long as 4-7 hours if they are resting or sleeping.

Do sea turtles have teeth?

Sea turtles do not have teeth to grasp their prey with, but instead, have very sharp beaks and strong jaws they use to crush their food.

What's the difference between a turtle and an amphibian?

In short: Turtles are reptiles, not amphibians. Even though reptiles have a lot in common with amphibians, there are some major differences that cause them to be seen as reptiles instead of amphibians. Turtles are even more like amphibians than most other reptiles, but they’re still classed as reptiles.

Why are turtles not considered to be reptiles?

In this case, us mammals and birds could also be classed as reptiles and it would make the distinction a whole lot more tricky! One of the first important reasons that turtles aren’t classed as amphibians, is because of the eggs they lay. Amphibians lay jelly-like eggs, whereas turtles lay eggs with a hard shell.

What kind of animal is a turtle in the Caribbean?

A turtle swimming in the Caribbean. Amphibians are animals adapted to living both on land and in water. Though turtles live in or around water bodies, they are not amphibians but reptiles. A reptile is a terrestrial vertebrate covered by a scaly hard shell.

What kind of reptiles are reptiles and amphibians?

Reptilia includes turtles, crocodilians, snakes, amphisbaenians, lizards, tuatara and birds. Reptiliomorpha is a clade that includes Reptilia, Synapsida (mammals and close relatives) and a few extinct lineages. There are two good online resources: and is better updated and has a nice pleasant look.

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