What are Ayers pears good for?

What are Ayers pears good for?

What are Ayers pears good for?

The flesh is sweet, juicy and free of grit, making it excellent for eating, and also for salads and the kitchen. Grow the Ayers Pear Tree in full sun for best ripening, and in rich but well-drained soil.

Are Ayers pears sweet?

A bite into this old southern favorite will reveal a smooth, sweet and melting flesh. This vigorous fruit tree is fire blight resistant. The Ayers Pear tree prefers and will produce the best crops in deep, fertile and well drained soil.

How big does a Ayers pear tree get?

about 20' The standard Kieffer pear grows to a height of about 20' and a spread of around 20' at maturity. The dwarf variety grows to a height of 12–15' with a spread of about 10'.

Are Bartlett pears self-pollinating?

Although Anjou and Bartlett are partially self-fruitful, they should be cross-pollinated to produce heavy and regular crops. Bartlett, Comice and Hardy may set large crops of parthenocarpic fruit. European and Asian pears will cross-pollinate if blooming at the same time.

Do Ayers pear trees need a pollinator?

Things You'll Need They produce sweet yellow, red, and brown pears. Although Ayers pear trees are sometimes partially self-pollinating, you can usually get better, more abundant pears by cross-pollinating with another type of pear tree.

What kind of fruit does Ayers pear tree produce?

Pear trees not only provide tasty fruit, but are beautiful to look at as well. Ayers pear trees are a southern United States variety. They produce sweet yellow, red, and brown pears.

Which is the best type of pear to buy?

Comice: Comice is a red-over-green pear with a short and round shape. It has a very soft and creamy flesh and is quite the sweet treat. It’s another specialty pear you won’t find easily at your store, but if you love juicy fruits, than Comice is the best one for you!

Do you buy pears when they are still green?

Pears are plucked from trees while still green, and thus, are mostly sold raw in stores. On ripening, they are succulent bites that refresh our taste buds. If you have a basket full of raw pears, read this Tastessence post to know how to ripen them with ease.

How do you cross pollinate an Ayers pear tree?

Take a small, soft paintbrush, and gently brush the pollen from inside a flower on the pollinator tree. Transfer this pollen to the Ayers pear tree by brushing it into a flower of the Ayers tree. Repeat this process on as many of the flowers as possible.

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