What punctuation goes after as follows?

What punctuation goes after as follows?

What punctuation goes after as follows?

colon A colon is normally used after as follows, the following, and similar expressions. The steps are as follows: first, put a vest on; second, grab a rope and jump in; third, put the ski on; fourth, hold on!

Are as follow or as follows?

'As follows' is correct, not 'as follow. ' 'As follows' is used for both singular and plural situations.

Is there a comma before as follows?

No, it isn't. If you drop your voice when you come to “as follows,” insert the comma. ...

Does as follow the period or colon?

Although it's not incorrect to use a period, a colon is conventionally used after “as follows... sentences instead of just one phrase or clause (6.63, “Lowercase or Capital Letter after a Colon”).... first word following it is capitalized.

Can I end a sentence with as follows?

I. AS FOLLOWS is a fixed phrase that always needs -s even though lists are by nature a plural concept. It is generally placed at the end of its sentence.

Is punctuation a mark?

English Language Learners Definition of punctuation mark : any one of the marks (such as a period, comma, or question mark) used to divide a piece of writing into sentences, clauses, etc.

Are as follows definition?

phrase. You use as follows in writing or speech to introduce something such as a list, description, or an explanation. The winners are as follows: E. Walker; R. Foster; R.

Are as follows but not limited to?

include, but are not limited to: It means that the list will have the enumerated items but it might have more as in: “This medication includes these benefits, but there might be more.”

Can you end a sentence with Done?

1 Answer. "Done." is a completely valid and grammatically correct "sentence." Technically a sentence must contain a subject and a verb, but the subject is implied and understood from the preceding discussion. "Translation done." is not grammatically correct.

What punctuation mark comes before a list?

the colon Grammatical uses of the colon The colon is used to introduce a list of items. The bookstore specializes in three subjects: art, architecture, and graphic design. Do not, however, use a colon when the listed items are incorporated into the flow of the sentence.

What punctuation do you use after are as follows?

First of all, the right punctuation after "as follows" is a colon. There's no way around that. "Follows" or "following" is the indicator. You could potentially get away with a period at the end of a sentence like "The following diagram illustrates the flow of X through Y.". Even in this case, a colon is preferable.

What are all of the punctuation marks in English?

They are the period, question mark, exclamation point, comma, semicolon, colon, dash, hyphen, ...

What are the rules for punctuation in a sentence?

There are rules of punctuation that have to be followed; but there are also punctuation conventions that give writers greater choice. Punctuation: capital letters (B, D) and full stops (.) We use capital letters to mark the beginning of a sentence and we use full stops to mark the end of a sentence: We went to France last summer.

What are the full stops in punctuation in English?

Punctuation: capital letters (B, D) and full stops (.) Arr. (arrival) etc. (etcetera) Dr. (doctor) Prof. (professor)

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