How do you get rid of balloon flowers?

How do you get rid of balloon flowers?

How do you get rid of balloon flowers?

To achieve stockier plants, you can cut back tall stems by about half in the late spring. This can help to prevent the plants from flopping over. Also, deadheading your plants (removing spent blooms) will keep them looking good and repeatedly blooming. Don't remove the whole stem, just the faded flowers.

Do balloon flowers transplant well?

Balloon flowers have a long taproot and don't like to be transplanted, so this isn't a great plant to divide and share. If you do divide them, don't dig up the whole plant.

Where should I plant my balloon flower?

It will thrive in sun or partial shade. It likes well-drained, slightly acidic soil; and although the balloon flower plant will tolerate dry conditions, it prefers (and needs) plenty of moisture. This cold hardy plant also prefers cooler conditions in summer, so afternoon shade is a good idea for warmer regions.

Should I cut back balloon flowers?

You should snip off each individual faded flower without damaging the new buds that will soon be opening. Pinching or cutting back your balloon flower by one-half in May or early June will result in well-shaped clumps that are nicely branched. An added advantage is that these shorter plants won't need to be staked.

Do balloon flowers attract hummingbirds?

Although they are most attracted to red, pink, or reddish orange blossoms, they also drink nectar from flowers of all colors including white Jasmine (used as a fragrant patio plant in the summer), blue and white Scabiosas, blue Delphiniums, and blue, pink or purple Platycodons (Balloon Flowers).

What kind of plant is a balloon flower?

For me, the time was ripe to pull an invasive plant from my garden, balloon flower ( Platycodon grandiflorus ). “Balloon flowers?” you say, “but it has such pretty blue flowers and the kids love to pop those inflated buds.”

Do you need to stratify balloon flower plants?

Balloon flowers are long-lived perennials that rarely need dividing and are deer-resistant. You can start with plants or seed, although seed grown plants will not bloom their first year. Balloon flower seeds will require stratification and are a good choice for winter sowing.

Is it good to pull weeds from balloon flower?

Invasive Balloon Flower Takes Over the Garden. Today I tweeted that it would be good to pull weeds since it had rained buckets for the past few days, thus decreasing the heat and humidity and loosening the soil. For me, the time was ripe to pull an invasive plant from my garden, balloon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus).

When to cut down a balloon flower plant?

In fall, the foliage of balloon flower turns clear gold, so don't cut the plant down too early -- enjoy the show! They tolerate light shade, but not wet feet or drought.

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