Are wooden balconies a fire hazard?

Are wooden balconies a fire hazard?

Are wooden balconies a fire hazard?

A safety inspection carried out at a block of flats that became engulfed by fire found that its wooden balconies posed a "significant hazard." ... Overall, inspectors found that the state of the building presented a "tolerable" risk to life from fire.

Are wooden balconies allowed?

The new regulations ban the use of combustible materials in external wall systems and balconies. ... A number of materials with elements of wood, including composite decking products, were previously compliant but are no longer permissible as they are not A2-s1, d0 rated or class A1 under the Euroclass system.

What is a fire balcony?

The latest version, known as fire balcony, is sprouting on the facades of several buildings nearing completion in the city. ... The fire balcony's emergence is result of revisions in the city building code that require its use instead of the traditional fire escape in all semi fireproof multiple dwellings built after Dec.

Is a balcony part of a building?

Lease documents issued for properties like this should define the balcony as a part of the external structure of the building – with the repair and maintenance the responsibility of the landlord and management company.

Is a Juliet balcony?

A Juliet balcony is essentially a balcony consisting of a balustrade connection to the building facade without a deck to walk on; not, as many assume, a glass balcony. ... We only supply Juliet balconies as part of larger projects as they are technically only a balustrade in front of a door.

Is a balcony a fire escape?

There are three main types of fire escapes that are most commonly found: the exterior stairway, the party balcony, and the standard fire escape. The exterior stairway is the safest type of fire escape and the easiest to negotiate in a fire, as it most closely resembles an interior stairway.

Are Chimineas safe for balcony?

Take safety precautions when you set up your chiminea. Make sure it placed a safe distance from the building. It should be up against your balcony railing. If the railing is flammable, you may have to place your outdoor fireplace in the middle of the balcony.

Are there any fire safety issues with balconies?

Whilst there are several drivers for balcony design, one key issue, related to fire safety, is that balconies can function as a cooling projection on the external surface of a building.

Why are balconies not allowed in residential buildings?

Balconies made with combustible materials are a potential source of rapid fire spread on the external wall of residential buildings. 1.2. Balconies should not compromise resident safety by providing a means of external fire spread.

Can a fire on a balcony cause a death?

In essence, there have been no reported deaths (of which we are aware) caused by fire spread from a fire on a balcony. The case studies presented indicate that fire spread up the external face of a building from a fire on a balcony can occur.

What should I do if my balcony catches on fire?

The Advice Notes states that “the removal and replacement of any combustible material used in balcony construction is the clearest way to prevent external fire spread from balconies and therefore to meet the intention of building regulation requirements and this should occur as soon as practical.”

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