What is a banana classified as?

What is a banana classified as?

What is a banana classified as?

Bananas are both a fruit and not a fruit. While the banana plant is colloquially called a banana tree, it's actually an herb distantly related to ginger, since the plant has a succulent tree stem, instead of a wood one. The yellow thing you peel and eat is, in fact, a fruit because it contains the seeds of the plant.

Is Strawberry a nut?

Strawberries are not berries at all; the small seeds are nuts. Therefore strawberries belong to the category of nuts, but even in the awareness of this fact most people would not count a strawberry as a typical example of a nut.

What family do bananas belong to?

Bananas Plantain/Family

Is a pineapple a nut?

Is a pineapple a nut? A pineapple isn't an apple nor is a cauliflower a flower; but when it comes to allergies, if you are like me (and I think you are) anytime "nut" is in a name your antennae go up. However, few "nuts" in the tree-nut allergy world are actually nuts, many are in fact drupes or seeds.

Can a banana be used as a nut?

Banana typically pairs well with nuts, such as in tasty banana-nut bread. This doesn't make banana a nut, however. Bananas are fruits, although the plants bananas grow on are considered herbaceous, or non-woody. This makes banana plants technically herbs, but no relation to ground or tree nuts. What Is a Banana?

What kind of nuts are in banana bread?

A ribbon of pecan streusel runs through this rich cream cheese-banana bread. Rich and sweet with chocolate chips and walnuts, this banana bread is made with… Banana bread is one of those things people rarely make on purpose, only when those… This is a very moist, honey-sweetened loaf with only nuts and a splash of vanilla to…

What kind of fruit is a banana made of?

“The banana is an edible fruit, botanically a berry, produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. In some countries, bananas used for cooking may be called plantains.

How did " nuts " come to mean " bananas "?

In the long centuries of the pre-text-message era, of course, new slang typically made its debut in speech rather than writing, so some developments surely took some time to turn up in the historical record.

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