Is balloon flower deer and rabbit resistant?

Is balloon flower deer and rabbit resistant?

Is balloon flower deer and rabbit resistant?

The pure blue flowers of balloon flower are a welcome sight in the late summer. This easy-care perennial gets its common name from its balloon-like buds that swell up just before they open. ... Once established, balloon flower is a long-lived, deer-resistant perennial that you can rely on for many years.

Is a balloon flower invasive?

And part of the problem is that they are deer-resistant, drought-resistant, and generally pest free but the worst part is that balloon flowers have long, large tap roots. ... Breaking off the stem just encourages more stems to grow from the root.

How do you maintain balloon flowers?

Keep the soil of young plants consistently moist but not soggy. Once established, balloon flowers like a moderate amount of moisture in the soil, but they can tolerate short periods of drought. They won't need a lot of supplemental watering unless you have a long period without rainfall that causes the soil to dry out.

What flowers do rabbits hate?

20 Flowers and Plants Rabbits Hate

  • Sweet Alyssum. Lobularia maritima bears clusters of tiny white, lavender, violet or pink flowers in spring. ...
  • Lantana. Sun-loving lantana bears flower clusters that look like brightly-colored confetti. ...
  • Cleome. ...
  • Pot Marigold. ...
  • Geraniums. ...
  • Wax Begonia. ...
  • Strawflower. ...
  • Snapdragon.

Are there any blue flowers that are deer resistant?

This long lived perennial is deer resistant. It is one of the few blue flowers that gardeners can enjoy. The blue and purple colors look great with the contrast of yellow black eyed Susans and Liatris. Daylilies also make good companion plants.

Are there any plants that do not attract deer?

This plant will bring a freshness of blue to your garden for most of the season. In case with Catmint, it is not deer who will be attracted to it, but a great number of cats. So if you are fond of both flowers and felines, Catmint is a number one priority in your garden.

What does it mean when a plant is deer resistant?

When you call certain plants deer-resistant perennials, it does not mean that Bambi never eats them. Rather, the term is meant to call attention to plants that deer find less attractive than the other choices on its menu.

How tall does a balloon flower plant need to be?

Once established in their soil, balloon flowers are live long and are reliable perennials. If planted early, they can even bloom in the first year. The plant is deer resistant and grows well in most warm climates. The height goes up to 24 inches, and the spacing between plants should be a minimum of 12 to optimize and promote growth.

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