Can there be spiders in bananas?

Can there be spiders in bananas?

Can there be spiders in bananas?

There is simply no chance for spider eggs to get into a banana. Nor would a species that did this survive long, since spiderlings in an uneaten banana could never escape. Not that eating spider eggs would cause any harm even if this fantasy were true! This myth has already spawned variations.

Is a banana spider dangerous?

Yes, banana spiders do bite humans and they are poisonous. Their bites to children are particularly deadly. Their venom is toxic to the nervous system. Their bites cause symptoms such as excess drooling, irregular heartbeat and prolonged, painful erections (priapism) in men.

Is a banana spider a real spider?

A few species commonly called "banana spider" are, in fact, harmless. The yellow and black Argiope spiders that can be found all over the contiguous United States (they're the one that puts a signature zig-zag in the middle of their webs) are often called a banana spider or garden spider.

Where is the banana spider from?

South America Native to Central and South America, Cupiennius is a genus of spiders broadly called banana spiders because bananas are the plants on which these spiders are most often found. It's quite common for workers in other countries to discover these spiders in imported banana shipments.

What kind of spider looks like a banana?

Well, it might sound like it’s a spider that either eats bananas or looks like a banana, but a banana spider is actually the common name for various spiders found around the world. Some are called such either because they feature yellow bodies or because they’re found living on banana plants and in shipments of imported bananas.

Are there Hawaiian garden spiders in banana trees?

You aren’t especially likely to find Hawaiian garden spiders near banana trees. Funnily enough, none of the spiders known as banana spiders are called that because they make their homes near bananas. Instead, it’s because they sometimes can be found in banana shipments.

Is the banana spider really dangerous to humans?

In her article Drake references a study that found only 135 total instances of spiders in banana shipments over an eight year period, and of those spiders only seven were actually Brazilian wandering spiders. So are Brazilian wandering spiders really so dangerous that you should immediately vacate your home if you find one?

Where do banana spiders live in South America?

Learn where Brazilian wandering spiders live. Spiders of the Phoneutria genus are commonly known as Brazilian wandering spiders, armed spiders, or banana spiders. They are native to tropical areas in South America, but there has also been one species found living in Central America.

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