Can Golden Earring speak English?

Can Golden Earring speak English?

Can Golden Earring speak English?

The newcomer is much better suited for the progressing sound of the band. The fact that the India-born singer speaks fluent English, gives the band an extra edge over many other Dutch groups at the time. In 1969 drummer Jaap Eggermont makes way for Sieb Warner, who comes over from The Motions.

What nationality were golden earring?

Dutch Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Golden Earring was a Dutch rock band, founded in 1961 in The Hague as The Golden Earrings (the definite article was dropped in 1967, while the "s" was dropped in 1969).

Did Golden Earring break up?

Golden Earring, the Dutch rock band that's been around as long as the Rolling Stones and whose biggest U.S. hits were “Radar Love” and “Twilight Zone” has officially called it quits.

Who is the lead singer of Golden Earring?

Barry Hay Barry Andrew Hay (born 16 August 1948) is an Indian-born Dutch musician; he is the lead vocalist and frontman of Dutch rock band Golden Earring....
Barry Hay
Born16 August 1948 Faizabad, India
OriginThe Hague, Netherlands
Occupation(s)Musician songwriter
7 more rows

When did Golden Earring break up?

L-R: George Kooymans, Barry Hay, Cesar Zuiderwijk, Rinus Gerritsen of Golden Earring in 2012; Paul Bergen/RedfernsVeteran Dutch band Golden Earring has broken up after 60 years together, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Is Golden Earring in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Not in Hall of Fame - 288. Golden Earring.

What happened to the lead singer of Golden Earring?

The decision comes after George Kooymans, the band's guitarist and co-founder, was diagnosed with ALS. “This is a death blow,” Barry Hay, the singer and multi-instrumentalist who has been a member of the group for over 50 years, declared to Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

Who is the original singer of Radar Love?

George Kooymans Barry Hay Radar Love
"Radar Love"
Length6:26 (album version) 5:07 (single version) 3:44 (single edit)
LabelPolydor (UK) Track/MCA (US)
Songwriter(s)George Kooymans Barry Hay
Producer(s)Golden Earring
12 more rows

When did Golden Earring Release Radar Love?

1973 Radar Love/Released

Who did a cover of Radar Love?

According to the dedicated website, the song has been covered more than 500 times, among others by Tribe 8, Ministry, Omen, U2, R.E.M., Ian Stuart Donaldson, Sun City Girls, White Lion, Blue Man Group, Def Leppard, James Last, NWOBHM band Aragorn, Nine Pound Hammer, Oh Well, Joe Santana, the Space Lady ...

When did Golden Earring get their first hit?

In 1969, they became just Golden Earring, (dropping the "s"). They gained worldwide fame with their hit song "Radar Love" in 1973. The single was number one on the Dutch charts, in the top ten in the United Kingdom and number thirteen on the American music charts.

What kind of music does Golden Earring play?

Golden Earring discography 1 Studio albums. Millbrook U.S.A. 2 Compilation albums. 3 Extended plays. Millbrook U.S.A. Australian Chart Book 1970–1992 (illustrated ed.). St Ives, N.S.W.: Australian Chart... More ...

How old was George Kooymans when he made the Golden Earring?

What became Golden Earring was formed in 1961 in The Hague by 13-year-old George Kooymans and his 15-year-old neighbor, Rinus Gerritsen.

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