Are artificial Christmas trees fire resistant?

Are artificial Christmas trees fire resistant?

Are artificial Christmas trees fire resistant?

Can artificial Christmas trees catch fire, too? Yes. They can. Anything can burn, with enough heat, and artificial trees are no different.

Are Christmas trees treated with flame retardant?

Christmas trees placed in commercial buildings often require fire retardant enforceable by the local fire department. ... Licensed by the California State Fire Marshall, the owner of Santa's Tree Farm and Village meets the licensing requirements to fire retard trees for commercial buildings.

Are Balsam Hill Christmas trees toxic?

Artificial fir PVC-free Christmas trees are normally made of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). These are safer types of plastic. However, that does not guarantee that these Christmas trees will be free of lead and flame retardants. ... One of the best options in this category is Balsam Hill artificial trees.

Can fake trees catch fire?

Are fake Christmas trees safer than real Christmas trees? ... But that doesn't mean artificial trees can't catch fire. If you have a fake tree, you still need to be careful not to place it too near a heat source and to use appropriate lighting, according to all the manufacturer's instructions.

Do Balsam Hill Christmas trees contain lead?

"Our trees do not contain lead. ... Unlike the real-tree purveyors, Balsam Hill caters to baby boomers, not Generation Y, who have turned away from real trees because of the hassle.

What does PE stand for in Christmas trees?

Polyethylene PE (Polyethylene) trees on the other hand are now considered to be the only material that manages to replicate the look of a real-life Christmas tree.

Which is the most realistic Balsam Hill Fraser fir?

In many of the videos I watched on YouTube before purchasing my tree, they show close-ups of the “realistic” branches of the Balsam Hill Fraser Fir. Though my tree is from their “Most Realistic” line, it has very few of those “realistic” needles that they show in the videos.

Are there any recalls on Balsam Hill Christmas trees?

Balsam Hill is contacting its customers directly. Balsam Hill has received 10 reports of the Christmas tree's remote control receiver box overheating and melting. No injuries were reported.

How tall are Balsam Hill pre lit Christmas trees?

The artificial Christmas trees are pre-lit with both multi-color and clear lights that are operated by a remote control. Some larger trees have two remote control receiver boxes attached to the tree. The Christmas trees are green and stand between 7 ? and 15 feet tall. Trees with the following model numbers are included in this recall.

Where is the most lighting on a Fraser fir tree?

The majority of the lighting is right along the tips. A closer view showing how the lighting is mostly only on the outer tips of the branches. This tree also has large sections/areas where there’s no lighting at all.

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